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Broken Vanity is an Alternative-Rock group out of Quincy, Massachusetts. Their style is described as reflective, energetic, and unfiltered as it incorporates elements from post-hardcore, pop-punk, and 90’s hip-hop.

The band name has many meanings. One interpretation is that the band is making a statement on finding purpose in your own life. The definition of Vanity is “the quality of being worthless or futile”- the adverb of “Broken” before creates a double negative of “Not worthless or futile.” 


The band’s logo is a comment on the Vanity of beauty. The logo expresses  a woman looking into a mirror showing two different times of her life: on one side of the glass she is young and beautiful. She is at the beginning of her life with a future. She is Vain.

On the other side of the mirror, she is old, dying, ugly- her entire life has passed yet she is still vain.  It is not clear whether the woman in the logo is young or old- both are shown equally. 


Why Broken Vanity is Different:

Most “bands” nowadays revolve around 1 song-writer with a backing band to support. Broken Vanity has 5 songwriters (Mike Ivens, Josh Vasco, Jacen Kurciviez, Nick Passalugo, Carson Ezell) Many bands stick to one “sound” that pigeons them into a genre- Broken Vanity does not fit this mold.


The band’s strength is in it’s diversity. Each member’s influences are completely versatile which has allowed for them to create songs that are extremely unique. They are likely the only band of their kind and probably will be the only one like it to ever occur forever. See for yourself at an upcoming show. 

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